QCARE Covers Over 400,000 Texas Workers

QCARE (Qualified Compensation Alternative for Recovering Employees) launched by ARAWC has quickly expanded and now covers an estimated 442,445 Texas workers.

DALLAS, TEXAS (QCARE.ORG) November 30, 2021

Today, the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC, or “A-Rock”) announced the success of its Texas-sized commitment to bring QCARE protection to an estimated 442,445 employees since the launch of the designation last year.

“ARAWC established a goal to help recognize and distinguish Texas employers with responsible injury benefit programs,” says ARAWC board member Kris Hammock. “A great milestone was achieved in a relatively short period of time. Through the dedication and hard work of numerous people we have been able to share the QCARE message which reflects the care and commitment employers have for their employees.”

What is QCARE?  QCARE is a simple, no-cost, online designation to recognize employers with a responsible Texas injury benefit program that satisfies high industry standards. At the core of the QCARE designation are 10 essential standards that employers must meet to maintain their responsible Texas injury benefit program:

  1.   Awareness of Negligence Liability Exposure
  2.   Compliance with State Law Employee Notices and Filings
  3.   Defined Injury Benefits
  4.   Fair, Well-Communicated Injury Reporting Standards
  5.   Broadly Defined Covered Injuries
  6.   Benefits Paid Without Regard to Fault
  7.   Employer Pays 100% of Cost from Date of Hire
  8.   Compliance with ERISA federal employee benefit laws
  9.   Broad Insurance Coverage
  10.    Approved Claims Administration

Why is QCARE important to Texas employers?  There are several employer advantages:

  • The QCARE designation shows employers care for its employees and doesn’t simply “nonsubscribe” or “Opt Out” of the workers’ compensation system.  
  • QCARE provides reputation management by bringing clarity and credibility to Texas injury benefit programs. 
  • QCARE enables a stronger defense of a negligence liability claim.
  • See what workers’ compensation thought leaders and respected risk managers from across the U.S. are saying about the QCARE Texas innovation.  

Why is QCARE important to Texas employees?  

  • QCARE designation provides employees with knowledge that they will receive quality, transparent benefits in the event of a work injury, and verifies that their employer is not just “opting out” of the statutory system.
  • QCARE enables workers to receive faster and better medical care from the leading providers, in pursuit of better medical outcomes.
  • QCARE designation ensures a full and fair review of injury benefit claims and appeals with the same standard used in other employer-sponsored benefit plans.
  • Employees retain the right to pursue additional remedies if employer caused the injury.

This list of respected Texas employers have received the QCARE designation already. ARAWC invites all Texas business organizations, employee advocates and insurance industry professionals to work together in the pursuit of improved work injury protection and better medical outcomes for all Texas employees.

To learn more, visit QCARE.org.

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